Ice Addiction Melbourne

Ice Addiction Melbourne: Where to Find an Ice Rehab

Ice addiction has soared to unprecedented highs over the years in Australia, especially in major cities like Melbourne.

This epidemic has shattered not only the lives of the individuals facing the addiction but also their families and loved ones who have been left to pick up the pieces. This troubling issue has created concern throughout the country and produced a huge wave of ice addicts with the need to find help for their addiction.

To aid in this enormous task, rehab centres across the globe have armed themselves with knowledge and understanding of this powerful drug to deliver effective treatment options for ice users and their families.

We’ve developed this article to produce valuable information for those grappling with ice addiction in Melbourne with the intention of helping them find the resources and help they need to combat this awful and gripping drug addiction.  

What is Ice?

Ice is the colloquial term used in Australia for a form of methamphetamine that is typically smoked or snorted. Its name derives from the appearance of the drug – typically, it looks like shards of glass or crystals that resemble the appearance of ice.

This powerful form of crystal methamphetamine is extremely addictive and produces significant adverse effects – both physically and psychologically. Those addicted to ice can expect to feel increased activity and energy along with a sense of euphoria; however, it poses serious health risks that can lead to brain damage and mental health complications.

For more info on the effects and symptoms of ice addiction, you can check out our blog.

The Ice Addiction Problem in Melbourne

The ice addiction problem in Melbourne, as part of a broader Australian context, has seen significant challenges and changes over the years. While overall rates of methamphetamine use, including ice, declined over eight years leading up to 2019, there has been an increase in the proportion of methamphetamine users preferring ice.

From 2010 to 2019, the percentage of regular methamphetamine users who identified ice as their main form of the drug increased from 22% to 50%, while the use of speed decreased. This shift towards ice, a more potent form of methamphetamine, has contributed to an increase in related harms, including hospital admissions, treatment episodes, and mental health issues.

It’s also noted that among methamphetamine users, smoking ice became more prevalent, rising from 19% to 41%.

While Melbourne struggles to control the strain caused by meth and the effects of ice, there are still a number of reputable and effective rehab centres that are fighting to help people from Melbourne with their meth addictions.

Although there are valuable resources and educational programmes, attending an ice rehab centre can often be overwhelming and unattainable for many Australians due to the costs involved. While those struggling with ice addiction grow with progressive issues, the need for more rehabilitation centres thickens.

It’s true that the more and more people use ice and become dependent, the strain on local rehabs in Melbourne becomes saturated – this, in turn, has contributed to the ever-rising problem of addiction and its recovery. 

How to Find an Ice Addiction Rehab in Melbourne

Although the ice addiction issue is widespread throughout the city, some drug and alcohol addiction rehabs provide great treatment programs for methamphetamine. Below, we have listed some of the best options for those searching for ice addiction Melbourne – although most of these are fairly expensive and unreachable to some, they can provide good resources and how to get help from ice use. 

  1. Refocus Rehab Melbourne: This centre offers tailored programs for ice addiction, including a structured living program, restoration of normal sleeping patterns, and group exercise with a qualified personal trainer. They provide a supportive environment for recovery and focus on restoring self-esteem and confidence. They offer 28 to 90-day residential rehab programs, with costs varying based on the room type and stay duration.
  2. Habitat Therapeutics: Located in Geelong, VIC, Habitat Therapeutics recommends a 90-day recovery period for the optimal treatment of ice addiction. They focus on correcting maladaptive behaviours, managing withdrawal symptoms, and providing life skills for a clean and sober future. They cater to clients from all cities and states, offering airport pickup and dropoff for interstate clients.
  3. The Hader Clinic: This clinic provides specialised programs for ice addiction, offering personalized treatment plans. They emphasize understanding the physical and psychological aspects of ice addiction and provide comprehensive care to address both. Their approach includes treating the physical manifestations of withdrawal and managing the psychological fallout.
  4. Windsor House Private: This centre focuses on the complex nature of ice addiction and offers inpatient programs that provide round-the-clock care in a comfortable, residential setting. They also offer outpatient programs for more flexibility, individual and group counselling, various therapy modalities, and support for long-term recovery, including aftercare programs.
  5. Myhab: Based in Glen Waverley, Melbourne, Myhab offers specialized programs designed for people at any level of addiction. They provide a range of therapies tailored to individual needs, including individual counselling, group therapy, and educational presentations. Myhab focuses on holistic care and gives patients a comprehensive treatment experience.

For more information on the cost of rehab in Australia, we have written a blog that covers everything you need to know when selecting a rehab centre. 

Benefits of Choosing Bali Over Rehab Melbourne

When opting for a meth rehab in Melbourne, it’s essential to look at all aspects of the centre before deciding. While selecting a local option has its benefits, rehab for ice addiction abroad also has its advantages.

Sivana Bali has seen hundreds of Australians, including many from Melbourne, arrive through our doors for comprehensive treatment for multiple reasons, which we have listed for you below. It’s worth considering these benefits if you’re thinking about ice addiction rehabilitation abroad.

  • Cost-Effectiveness: Recovery from addiction in Bali is significantly cheaper than addiction treatment Melbourne. This makes our treatment services accessible to Australians who would otherwise be left without being able to obtain professional treatment. While rehab costs are kept down in Bali, the effectiveness and quality of our programmes are still 5-star.
  • Distance from Triggers: Being far from home can be beneficial, offering a break from everyday concerns, toxic relationships, and environments that may have contributed to the addiction. Bali provides a serene and distinct setting that can facilitate a focus on healing and recovery.
  • Holistic Therapy: In Bai, we focus on providing alternative and holistic healing methods for our patients. We believe these can contribute to healing the whole person – mind, body, and spirit. 
  • Natural Healing Environment: Bali’s beautiful greenery, beaches, and rich culture provide a soothing and refreshing environment. This natural beauty can be encouraging and enriching for the mind, body, and soul, aiding in the healing process.
  • Luxury Rehab: At Sivan Bali, we pride ourselves on being one of the best luxury rehabs in Bali. We provide more than just personalised treatment for ice; we offer a luxurious stay with outings, amenities and activities for you to enjoy while you recover under our care and supervision.
  • Cultural and Spiritual Healing: Bali’s spiritual identity and cultural practices offer a unique aspect to recovery, fostering spiritual healing and a deeper connection with oneself.

While a meth rehab in Melbourne has its benefits for locals of Melbourne, reaping treatment benefits from a destination like Bali can be a one-in-a-lifetime experience. For those struggling with drug use and addiction, we encourage you to overcome your issues with us at Sivana Bali. 

Sivana Bali’s Ice Addiction Treatments

Here at Sivan Bali, we offer a safe and supportive environment for your addiction recovery. Our rehab clinic provides state-of-the-art personalised treatment packages for ice addiction that focus on holistic healing paired with modern treatment methods – a combination that’s hard to find in an ice rehab Melbourne. Here are some of the typical programmes you can expect to find with us at Sivana Bali.


Detox is more than usually the first stage of methamphetamine addiction treatment. Once an initial assessment is conducted by one of our addiction specialists, our patients undergo a full detoxification period whereby the body begins to rid itself of the harmful toxins produced by the effects of ice addiction.

During this phase, our patients are closely monitored and made comfortable throughout their ice withdrawal symptoms until they are ready to proceed to the next stage of treatment. 


The second phase is rehabilitation. This phase consists of various therapies and counselling that target the psychological aspects of the addiction and any underlying or co-occurring mental health conditions.

This approach helps our patients overcome addiction to drugs like ice in a comprehensive and effective way, ensuring their triggers are identified, and coping skills are learned to help them in the future post-rehab. This paves the way for a new chapter with the appropriate skills to succeed when they return home to their regular routines. 


Our aftercare programmes provide ongoing care long after leaving our facility. We pride ourselves on supporting our patients by providing them with counselling and extra resources to ensure their long-term recovery outside of our rehab walls. Recovery from ice is a long journey; however, with the proper support and dedication, you can stop using ice once and for all. 

Get Help for Ice Today

If you’re struggling with addiction, or maybe a friend or family member, and are looking for an ice or meth rehab centre in Melbourne, contact us today for an assessment and evaluation. Sivana Bali can provide a suitable rehab that meets your requirements and offers you the necessary care. We are a specialised ice rehab in Bali – get in touch with our friendly team, who can give you the answers you need regarding your ice abuse. 

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