Karlene from New South Wales

Positives :

  • A wonderful caring and loving environment, great follow up with the client once they go home!
  • Amount of recreation of time incorporated into the program is perfect
  • Amount of time for “TecTime” is just right
  • All staff wonderful, Balinese staff gorgeous!!
  • Accommodation lovely, pools beautiful, beds very comfortable
  • Process + education great learning tools will remember + incorporate them into my life!
  • Enjoyed all therapy sessions !!

Elene from Bangkok

Thank you for a wonderful journey of recovery that I experienced at Sivana. Looking at my stay helps me to appreciate the beauty of what your job is: You’ve given strength and knowledge to deal with life challenges, and you’ve given me hope that I can live a better life.

Anonymous from Sydney

  • Great support from counsellor
  • Good blend of activities, out of rehab events, meeting, counselling and free time
  • Kind and supportive environment
  • Good frameworks and education sessions

Ben. T from Perth

Could not fault it, I love every one and everything about Sivana Bali.

G. from Jakarta

Best decision of my life. You guys change the way I see life. From ungrateful drama queen to a very grateful person. Now I wake up in the morning with hope. Thanks Sivana

Irene from Melbourne

The decision to come to Sivana was the best decision I made in my life, as being an addict it’s not easy to go to rehab and understand that I need help. Sivana made this journey possible with much fun along the way, with taking more personal and almost like a family-oriented way to help me enjoy life in recovery, I’m very grateful to Sivana to make it possible to me.


I came into Sivana Bali a broken man, there was just a shell of a person. I was depressed, anxious, angry, selfish, self-centered and didn’t care myself or anyone else. Years of alcohol abuse had culminated into several suicide attempts before I made a last ditch effort to try and save my life. All my best efforts to stop ultimately ended in vain, I couldn’t beat this disease on my own. No way.

Then I did something that would change my miserable life around. I called Sivana Bali. It has turned out to be the best decision I’ve ever made. Right through from the initial assessment to entering the facility, everything was so professional along with a caring, compassionate attitude. You’re not just a number at Sivana, you’re a person. Believe me, I’ve been in and spoken to other rehabs and Sivana and their wonderful program puts these others to shame.

Now, onto to the program. It does involve working the 12 steps. It can be confronting, it can be emotional, it can be challenging but it was exactly what I needed. My only other option was to effectively drink myself to death or end my life at my own hands. It was a no brainer. This 12 step program combined with an informative and thorough education program made my journey back to being a functioning and responsible person so much easier and worthwhile.
Combining this with sessions of yoga, beach exercise in the mornings, and visits to the gym, tied the whole program together with a great balance.

The staff here are just amazing! My heartfelt thanks go out to the Clinical Director, Nev. You never stopped believing in me, challenging me when you knew I could give more and was there whenever I needed to lean on someone. You saw me at my worst and helped share your knowledge of addiction and the many tools to help me overcome this beast of a disease. Thank you.

The head counsellor, David, wow man, I’ve had many counsellors before but you are without doubt the best. You gained my trust from the start through your genuinely compassionate and understanding nature. The concepts we went through to address my many issues were empathetic and thorough. I’m amazed at how far I’ve come emotionally. With your help. Thank you so much.

To all the recovery coaches, I can’t speak highly enough! Anytime I needed help with my step work or just a general chat, each of you were there, non-shaming and just so understanding. You all were my rock when I needed strength and inspirations continually.

Wayan our Chef, you were a gorgeous person as well as a fantastic cook. Nutrition plays such an important part of recovery and we all felt spoilt with your differing choices of cuisine.
Last but certainly not least are the ground staff and support workers. Always there with a smile and a hat, nothing we asked was ever a problem.

So, I leave Sivana Bali after 60 days. Within that time frame such a wide range of emotions. But for the first time in my life I have hope. I’ve attained a wide variety of tools and knowledge for my journey ahead. Most of all I am a man with his principals and morals back. I am sober. I’m glad I could put my journey so far in writing.

Thank you Sivana Bali, you’ve help put me back on the right path, one which I thought I’d lost. I will never forget your help and hope you have bestowed upon me.


It is with deep gratitude that I write this letter of recommendation and thanks for my care during my time at Sivana, Bali.

I came to Bali with acute anxiety, suffering panic attacks, nearly house bound from fear and a rapid decline in my health. All my relationships were failing including that with my partner who could no longer cope.

I came in desperate as nothing else I had tried worked. I had a debilitating alcohol and drug problem that will power could not combat but I still felt I could control. The experienced staff were patient, tolerant, and understanding.

I learnt so much about who I am and my patterns of behavior, and was able to process the pain, grief and shame I had held onto for so long. I highly recommend the counselling and education sessions which have given me life tools to support recovery in the real world.

Supporting a 12 step program I am now exceptionally grateful that I was introduced to daily meetings as this is something that I was not open to and would not have attended by my own volition and has given me the gift of community, a loving sponsor and the personal growth afforded by working a 12 step program.

My life is very different today. I initially came for 28 days and stayed for 90 learning so much about myself, education on addition and feeling reconnected to myself and nurturing my spirituality which was dead before I came in. I am repairing family relationships. I don’t feel uncomfortable in my own skin and value my self- worth.

I now live with integrity, without fear and feel at peace and happy. I am in debt to this program and highly recommend this for loved ones seeking help or if you truly want to find a solution and get clean.


My name is Belinda, and at age 32 my mother came to pick me up to take me to the airport to yet another rehab. Sivana was the eleventh rehab I’d been too, my mother knew I wouldn’t make it to the airport on time, if at all if I were left to my own devices.

I didn’t hold out much hope for actual rehabilitation, not from ice anyway, but I needed so badly to rest and get my head clear from my latest addiction, GHB, which I had been taking daily for 6 months or so. I’d been on ice 24/7 , using heavy , for maybe 5 years, a ‘recreational’ drug user for a couple of years before that, and had spent my very early teens as a IV speed user.

I was clean for a couple of years and during this time I was married and had to amazing children but by the time I got to Sivana things had deteriorated to the point where I couldn’t look after my children, although they were still in my care, and I couldn’t look after myself. I had to hire people to do both for me.

I was a drug addict and also have extremely brittle bipolar disorder that was badly managed and barely contained. I had been written off by other rehabs, by psych hospitals and by everyone I knew.

So I had little hope and less faith that Sivana would be different than the other places I’d tried. I’m glad that the Sivana team chose to have faith in me, because the two months that followed were the most amazing , impossible, wonderful and agonising I’ve ever experienced, and when I left I’d learnt more than simply how to not do drugs, I’d also learnt quite a bit about how to be me.

I never ever thought I’d be able to say I’m clean, and working full time, and loving being with my kids, my friends, my family. I am living the kind of simple life I used to feel was always beyond my reach as an addict. I’m incredibly lucky that everyone I lost through years of addiction and all that comes with it have welcomed me back into their lives and homes. I have their trust and respect because I earned it. I know now that these things have value far beyond the easy money I made in active addiction. I have pride and dignity because of Sivana Bali.

I’m nearly 7 months clean, I have so many things to look forward to, and so many amazing memories of my time at Sivana Bali, where everyone is like a family that somehow loves you at your worst and gives you ideas about how to be your best.

I would be dead by now if my stars hadn’t aligned to get me on that plane but thanks to everything I learned from Sivana and the amazing team I’m finally feeling alive.

I’m immeasurably grateful to Sivana Bali.

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