How To Stop Drinking

How To Stop Drinking

Ways To Stop Drinking

Ways To Stop Drinking

If someone has serious concerns about their behaviour when drinking, or the impact drinking is having on their family, or their own health, they should consult their doctor immediately.

Alternatively, there are many national helplines and organizations that can provide help. Many of them can put you in touch with trained healthcare professionals, or there are support groups and fellowships.

Joining a sobriety group does increase the chances of maintaining long term sobriety.

Be mindful that if someone has been drinking for a long period of time,  stopping altogether may not be an easy task.

Tell People About Your Problem

It’s often a good idea to let the people close to you know that you have made a decision to stop drinking. Explain the issue to them in detail. Telling friends and family can provide an immense amount of release. Talking about your problem can also help others to face similar issues by giving people permission to talk openly about the subject.

Most of all it will provide you with emotional support, as well as let them know not to enable your addiction.

Avoid Temptations and Triggers

Triggers can be people, places or situations.

While it may sound difficult, it is a good idea to avoid places where alcohol is served. For instance, there are plenty of restaurants that don’t serve alcohol.

Be mindful that the people around you are often the biggest triggers. Try to reassess relationships with those around you in terms of being helpful versus unhelpful and healthy versus unhealthy. Certain people, and our transactions with them, will either take us a step closer or a step further away from picking up a drink.

Certain times of the day, week or month may also be trigger. This might be 5pm, Friday, or payday. Do your best to plan engaging activities at these times, and try to ‘surf’ the urges to drink.

Overall preventing yourself from being in situations where the temptation to drink might arise is the key to beginning the journey to a sober life.

Learn to Enjoy Life Again

The reasons to giving up drinking are many and varied. Whatever your reason, focus on how to enjoy sobriety. Revel in sleeping soundly and waking up without a hangover. Go for long walks. Take up old hobbies and rekindle those things you once had passion for. Seek out new friends that will support you through the process, be persistent, they are out there. Exercising frequently helps immensely, and though it may be tough at first, you will find that it will invigorate your inner drive.

If you are finding it extremely difficult to enjoy the simple things in life once you have stopped drinking, you are not alone. Sivana Bali can provide you with a personalised support system and recovery tools to ease the process.

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