Providing an affordable drug rehab centre supported by our highly qualified addiction recovery team. Where individuals can reunite with life, family and community. We change the lives of addicts in our care.

“Sivana Bali is Indonesia’s Premier Drug Rehab Centre”

Our Rehab Programs Include:

* VIP airport pickup & transfers 
* Doctors medical upon arrival 
* Luxury accommodation 
* Meals by our in-house chef  
* One on one and group counseling

* Massages
* Programmed outings
* Personal fitness trainer
* Yoga
* Beach exercise sessions

Drug Rehabilitation Bali

Not only is Sivana Bali Rehab Centre closely affiliated with the renowned BIMC Hospital, our in-house medical care and 24-hour support team conforms to the highest international addiction care standards. Our staff is overseen by Bali’s premier experts on alcohol and drug addiction treatment and detoxification, and are always available to our clients.

All facets of our alcohol and drug rehab programs are based on extensive research. We utilize only the most effective addiction rehabilitation methods to ensure a successful recovery. Substance abuse problems are often coupled with mental health illness, thus our professional rehab team is trained to diagnose and assist in the treatment of underlying health issues such as depression and anxiety.

Sivana Bali Rehab Centre is a best-in-class alcohol and drug addiction treatment centre located in serene, safe surroundings. Change of environment removes triggers and temptations, allowing total focus on recovery. Rehab in Bali offers a beautiful and uniquely spiritual backdrop, providing a therapeutic catalyst to the addiction recovery process. Bali is a short flight from Australia and other Pacific and Asian nations. Even after accounting for airfare, we offer highly individualized treatment programs, at a cost unachievable elsewhere.

We are a highly unique rehab facility, not focused on profits, we limit our intake to 6 clients at a time. All of our guests are ensured to receive personally tailored, highly effective addiction treatment, coupled with absolute privacy and comfort. The Sivana Bali model is based on a holistic and multi-disciplinary approach to addiction treatment. The atmosphere is relaxed & informal, focusing on internalization and personal responsibility. Typically, stays for our alcohol & drug addiction treatment and extended recovery programs range from 28 days to 6 months, depending on the client’s personal needs. International rehabs

Our alcohol and drug rehab centre, located in beautiful beachfront Canggu, offers world-class individually structured addiction treatment at a very affordable rate. Our international team of certified clinical rehabilitation professionals will assist you in finding joy and serenity in your life path.

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Our Unique Approach

We pride ourselves in offering a much wider variety of experiences and services to our clients than traditional alcohol and drug rehab centres. Alcoholism and drug addiction causes users to give up things they love. We believe that in rehabilitation, one should learn to enjoy your life once more. Our extensive array of services are centered around reigniting and fostering genuine enjoyment of life once more.

Unique Addiction Treatment

Professional Staff

Unlike some addiction rehab centres, our staff are highly qualified in their respected disciplines. We utilize the 12 steps, CBT, Motivational Interviewing, and other proven addiction treatment methods. All clinical staff attend clinical supervision with our psychologists. The surroundings are stunning, our rehab programs revolutionary, however it is our professional, friendly staff that are our greatest asset.

About Sivana Bali Rehab

Addiction Rehab in Bali

Sivana is deliberately located beachside in serene Canggu, so clients can enjoy the lush relaxed ambience away from the chaos and crowds of Kuta, Legian and Seminyak. Rehab in Bali is unlike anywhere else. Bali is known as the "Island of the Gods" and has a unique and welcoming culture. Sivana also has exceptional beaches close by, as well as all of the other activities one would expect from a visit to beautiful Bali.

About Our Rehab Facility

After Treatment

Most treatment centres talk in terms of aftercare, but we have found this component severely lacking in most cases. Our approach is different. We don’t stop working for you on discharge. “Streetwise” is the name of our aftercare services program and is another of the components that set us apart from our competition. “Streetwise” covers a range of services we developed in addition to the more traditional aftercare.

Our Aftercare Program

We believe that life in recovery is to be enjoyed, not endured.

Our affordable addiction treatment programs combine:

  • A progressive inpatient alcohol and drug treatment program that employs holistic, multi-disciplinary treatment methods. We are accessible to people of all cultures and beliefs.

  • Professionally trained and qualified psychologists and counselors, overseen by a full time clinical psychiatrist specializing in addiction therapy and dual diagnosis.

  • Assistive treatment of Dual Diagnosis for coexisting mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety, trauma, PTSD & bipolar disorder.

  • Alcohol and drug detoxification where necessary. Our detox program provides full medical support, succinct with western standards. BIMC hospital is on standby at all times, should the need arise.

  • Luxurious accommodations, serene environment and a highly personalized treatment program. A complete change of environment, removing triggers and temptations, allowing total focus on the addiction recovery process.

  • An inclusive Family Treatment Programme. Involvement of family members in the addiction treatment process often leads to a higher rate of success and overall a better outcome.

  • An extensive Aftercare Program, including a unique Monitored Relapse Prevention schedule.

  • Exceptional value for money. In comparison to similar high standards international alcohol & drug rehab centres, Sivana Bali’s programs are around a third of the price.

Our highly personalized, holistic approach to addiction treatment is centered around conquering fears, soothing the soul, and reigniting the passion for life.


After almost 20 years of significant and problematic Drug and Alcohol abuse I found myself to be be at yet another drug fueled rock bottom. It was finally time for rehabilitation, Sivana Bali was my choice of treatment centres and I am forever grateful for this selection.

From the extremely comforting admission phone call that was promptly made after inquiring online I knew this was the place to turn my life around. Upon arrival I was greeted by a senior staff member an a lovely indonesion man and taken to the centre. Not knowing what to expect I was pleasantly surprised from the get go. The accommodation, the relaxed nature of the centres perfectly manicured grounds, the pools even the transport was something a drug addict would not have thought they deserved yet alone was able to enjoy, the meals were second to none and I had everything I needed to start fresh.

Each and everyone of the experienced staff were loving, caring and more importantly understanding to my situation and needs. The benefit of the therapeutic community was amazing and probably equally as important to recovery as the staff. David R is a man who has given me the ability to forge myself and new and prosperous new life while living clean and sober. I genuinely could not be happier with my personal experience an Sivana Bali.

I'm currently back working, have a relationship with my family again that I did not have before, have friends back in my life and to this day my body is gratefully free from drugs and alcohol. A very personal thank you to all the staff at Sivana Bali you have given me life again that I now appreciate and enjoy.

With love.


Positives :

  • A wonderful caring and loving environment, great follow up with the client once they go home!
  • Amount of recreation of time incorporated into the program is perfect
  • Amount of time for “TecTime” is just right
  • All staff wonderful, Balinese staff gorgeous!!
  • Accommodation lovely, pools beautiful, beds very comfortable
  • Process + education great learning tools will remember + incorporate them into my life!
  • Enjoyed all therapy sessions !!
Karlene from New South Wales

Thank you for a wonderful journey of recovery that I experienced at Sivana. Looking at my stay helps me to appreciate the beauty of what your job is: You’ve given strength and knowledge to deal with life challenges, and you’ve given me hope that I can live a better life.

Elene from Bangkok
  • Great support from counsellor
  • Good blend of activities, out of rehab events, meeting, counselling and free time
  • Kind and supportive environment
  • Good frameworks and education sessions
Anonymous from Sydney