Sivana Bali Rehab Centre’s Family Week

Sivana Bali prides itself on offering a family program that educates, encourages, and helps promote the reformation of the family relationship between our clients and their family members (this may include partners, immediate family members, distant relatives and/or friends who identify as ‘family’ with our clients).

The impacts active addiction has on families and loved ones are widespread and immense. Often it is those closest to the addict/alcoholic who is the first to pursue and research the idea of rehabilitation, promote or push for the desire for a life change, and to gain insight on how this life change can be accomplished.

As family members may have the best intentions to help the addicted member, at times their behavior may actually have the opposite effect. We often refer to these behaviours as enabling and codependency, even though there is no ill intention behind these acts of intended kindness or support.

Just as addiction has affected the lives of those closest to the person using, so does recovery. Empirical evidence shows the inclusion of loved ones in an individual’s treatment highly improves the likelihood of lasting recovery. Potential benefits include the following:

  • A chance for family members to have an opportunity to openly discuss their concerns, questions, experiences, and feelings related to the client.

  • The client has a chance to hear how the family genuinely experienced the addiction in an open and supportive environment.

  • It gives the client an opportunity to receive genuine support from the family, which in turn can help facilitate compliance with treatment. Pressure to remain in treatment due to family wants and desires, can often result in the client remaining in treatment and continuing with the program even when motivation and desire to do so is low.

  • Family can learn about behaviours they should avoid (those considered to be enabling) and beneficial strategies to help them cope/deal with the addictive relative, in both active addiction and recovery.

  • Strategies for self care are taught so that family members are better able to take care of themselves and cope with the issues and trauma brought about by addiction; this helps their own personal recovery so that all of the “recovery” is not solely directed at the client.

  • Family is able to receive knowledge and support from other families which may help to lessen the burden experience. Emotional reactions and impacts can be shared and strong, negative feelings may be softened. This can also help to encourage the family to attend support groups such as Al-Anon or Nar-Anon.

  • Any family members who might be suffering from a psychiatric or addictive disorder themselves can be encourages to seek help and referrals can be facilitated.

  • Lastly, it gives the clinical support staff here at Sivana Bali an opportunity to learn more about the client’s family, observe how they interact, gain insight/input from the family, and effectively help the client to develop effective skills and strategies to successfully maintain their recovery outside of the facility.

Family Week Details

The structure of Family Week is directly paralleled with our client daily program requirements, albeit a few differences. Family members are invited and expected to partake in the daily recreational activities (such as yoga, meditation, recreational sports), to the best of their ability, and they are also included in the daily education sessions/seminars to see what it is our clients are learning and how they are responding to these environments.

The main differences exists in that family members will participate in a separate morning “Process Group” held at the same time as the client’s, and they will be attending family directed support meetings such as Al-Anon, and/or CoDa, rather than AA and NA meetings. Family-directed education sessions will also be held and both family members and clients are expected to participate. These include topics such as Neurobiology, Codependency, Healthy Boundary Setting Tools and Communication.

For couples and immediate family members we offer “Reveal and Heal” counselling sessions, which allow for confidential and professional assistance with any issues that would benefit from or be preferred to be discussed in this manner. These sessions are held by one of our in house psychologist.

For many, this might well be the first time both families and loved ones alike have found true joy and laughter together in a long while. Sivana Bali aims to give you this experience to take back on your journey together as families and loved ones.

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