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At Sivana Bali Rehab, we understand the journey to recovery is personal, which is why we offer a compassionate and comprehensive approach to overcoming marijuana addiction. Nestled amidst the serene Balinese landscapes, we provide a safe haven for individuals seeking a path back to wellness and balance. Our dedicated, experienced professionals are here to support you every step of the way.

The need for marijuana addiction treatment in Australia has steadily risen, reflecting the global trend. Despite common misconceptions, marijuana can be habit-forming, leading to psychological dependence and significant lifestyle changes.

With societal attitudes softening towards recreational drug use, it’s essential to provide accessible and effective treatment options. That’s where we come in, offering tailored treatment plans to meet your unique needs and circumstances. We are here to guide you through this challenging journey, one step at a time.

What is Marijuana?

Marijuana, derived from the Cannabis sativa plant, is a commonly used psychoactive substance. It contains a chemical compound called THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), which is responsible for most psychoactive effects.

These effects of marijuana can vary greatly, from relaxation and euphoria to heightened sensory perception. However, it’s important to remember that while these effects may seem appealing, regular use can lead to addiction and other health problems.

What is Marijuana Addiction?

Marijuana addiction, also known as cannabis use disorder, is a condition characterised by an individual’s inability to control or cease their use of marijuana despite the negative consequences it may have on their lives. Though often seen as a less addictive substance compared to other illicit drugs, the misuse of marijuana can lead to serious disruption in various aspects of one’s life.

This addiction can manifest in numerous ways: it may affect personal relationships, work performance, academic success, and overall physical and mental health. Some individuals might find themselves unable to carry out daily tasks without the influence of marijuana or may spend excessive amounts of time and resources obtaining and using the substance.

Marijuana addiction is a real and serious condition. Recognising the issue is the first step towards recovery, and at Sivana Bali Rehabilitation Centre, we’re committed to helping individuals understand and address their addiction in a supportive, non-judgmental environment.

How do you Become Addicted to Marijuana?

The pathway to marijuana addiction often begins subtly and recreationally. As you start using marijuana, your brain adapts to large amounts of the drug by reducing the production and sensitivity of its own endocannabinoid neurotransmitters, a complex cell-signalling system within our bodies. This process leads to increased tolerance, meaning you need larger quantities of the substance to experience the same effects.

Gradually, the brain starts to rely on marijuana to stimulate these neurotransmitters. When a marijuana habit becomes consistent or heavy, it might take centre stage, leaving less time for other activities you once enjoyed.

People’s personal, genetic, and environmental factors can also influence the progression of addiction. Factors such as a family history of addiction, mental health disorders, or stressful living conditions can make individuals more susceptible to developing marijuana addiction.

It’s important to remember that becoming addicted to marijuana is not a sign of weakness or a lack of willpower. It’s a complex process that involves the brain’s reward system and can affect anyone. At Sivana Bali Rehab, we understand the nuances of addiction and offer empathetic, evidence-based treatment to help overcome this challenging condition.

Types of Marijuana

Marijuana is a versatile plant that comes in many forms, each with unique characteristics. Here are some basic categories:

  1. Flower/Bud: This is the most common form of marijuana, often smoked or vaporised. It’s the dried and cured flowers of female cannabis plants. In Australia, it’s often referred to by many names such as ‘weed’, ‘pot’, ‘grass’, ‘herb’, or ‘ganja’.
  2. Resin/Hashish: This is a concentrated form of cannabis made from the compressed or purified preparations of stalked resin glands, called trichomes, from the plant. It is typically stronger than flower forms and is known by various names such as ‘hash’, ‘resin’, or ‘charas’.
  3. Concentrates and Extracts: These are highly potent THC-concentrated masses that look like honey or butter, often called ‘honey oil’ or ‘budder’. Other popular forms include ‘shatter’ and ‘wax’.
  4. Edibles: Edibles are food products infused with marijuana, ranging from baked goods like cookies and brownies to candies and gummies. ‘Edibles’ or ‘medibles’ provide a smokeless marijuana experience.

Each type of marijuana can have different effects and potential risks. At Sivana, we’re familiar with the diverse forms of marijuana and their impacts on addiction. We approach each case individually, understanding that experiences with addiction vary based on the form and frequency of marijuana use.

Signs and Symptoms of Marijuana Addiction?

Recognising the signs and symptoms of marijuana addiction is vital to seeking help. If you or a loved one has been using marijuana regularly and exhibits any of these symptoms, it may be time to consider a rehab program:

  1. Increased Tolerance: The need to use more marijuana to achieve the same high is often an initial sign of burgeoning addiction.
  2. Withdrawal Symptoms: Irritability, sleep difficulties, cravings, or restlessness may occur if usage is abruptly reduced or stopped.
  3. Unsuccessful Attempts to Quit: Despite multiple attempts to quit or cut back on marijuana, the individual continues to use it.
  4. Lack of Control: Consuming more marijuana than initially intended or spending large amounts of time obtaining, using, or recovering from marijuana use.
  5. Neglected Responsibilities: Over time, regular marijuana use can lead to missed work or school, poor performance, and neglected personal responsibilities.
  6. Social Problems: Ongoing interpersonal issues or fights with family and friends over marijuana use.
  7. Loss of Interest: An apparent lack of interest in activities or hobbies that were once enjoyed, with an increased focus on marijuana use.

Remember, if you or someone you know is struggling with marijuana addiction, you are not alone. At Sivana Bali, we provide support, compassion, and effective, individualised treatment plans. You can take the first step towards a healthier, drug-free life today.

What to Look for in a Family Member

Recognising signs of marijuana addiction in a family member or someone you love can be challenging, but it’s a crucial step towards helping them get the support they need. Here are some indicators that a family member may be struggling with marijuana addiction:

  1. Behavioural Changes: They may exhibit increased secrecy, withdrawal from family activities, changes in social circles, neglecting responsibilities, or unexplained absences.
  2. Physical Changes: Sudden weight loss or gain, red eyes, lack of coordination, or delayed reactions can be signs of regular use.
  3. Psychological Changes: They might display altered mood states such as increased anxiety, paranoia, or lethargy. You might also notice a decreased motivation or disinterest in previously enjoyed activities.
  4. Financial Issues: Unexplained financial problems may arise, or you might notice money or valuable items missing, which could indicate that they are trying to fund their addiction.
  5. Paraphernalia: You might find items used for marijuana consumption, such as pipes, bongs, rolling papers, or small plastic baggies.
  6. Neglected Appearance: They may start to pay less attention to personal grooming and cleanliness.

If these signs are familiar, it’s important to approach your loved one with care and understanding. Remember, accusations or confrontations are likely to lead to defensiveness. Instead, express your concern about the changes you’ve noticed and encourage them to seek help.

At Sivana Bali Rehab, we understand families’ challenges when dealing with addiction. Our supportive team is here to provide guidance and assistance, offering comprehensive treatment options designed to help your loved one on their journey to recovery.

Marijuana Addiction Treatment

Overcoming marijuana addiction is a journey that involves various stages, each crucial to the recovery process. At Sivana Bali Rehab, our treatment for marijuana includes a holistic approach tailored to each individual’s needs. We offer a comprehensive treatment plan encompassing detox, therapy, and aftercare, guiding you through each step towards recovery.


The first step in the recovery journey is detoxification, which involves eliminating marijuana from your system.

It’s essential to detox under medical supervision, as the withdrawal effects from marijuana can lead to uncomfortable symptoms such as irritability, anxiety, depression, restlessness, and disrupted sleep patterns.

Our team at Sivana Bali Rehab ensures you undergo detox in a safe and comfortable environment, providing medical assistance to manage withdrawal symptoms and ensuring your well-being throughout the process.


Following detox, therapy becomes the cornerstone of treating marijuana addiction. At Sivana Bali Rehab, we offer various therapy modalities tailored to your needs, including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), mindfulness-based therapies, and group therapy sessions.

CBT helps you understand the thought patterns leading to substance use and teaches you strategies to cope with cravings and avoid triggers.

Mindfulness-based therapies focus on improving your ability to handle stress and emotions, which is often a significant aspect of substance misuse. Group therapy offers a supportive environment where you can share experiences and learn from others going through similar struggles.


Recovery doesn’t end with completing a treatment programme; it’s a lifelong journey. That’s why aftercare is a vital part of our treatment philosophy. At our rehab facility, we provide ongoing support to help you maintain your recovery and prevent relapse in your day-to-day life.

Our aftercare services include continuous counselling, support groups, and career guidance if necessary. We strive to equip you with the necessary tools and resources to build a fulfilling, drug-free life.

At Sivana Bali Rehab, we’re dedicated to providing a compassionate and comprehensive treatment approach to marijuana addiction. We believe in your capacity to change and are here to support you throughout your journey to recovery.

Importance of Attending a Rehab Centre

Choosing treatment for marijuana addiction is a significant step towards recovery. It provides the necessary tools, resources, and support to overcome addiction and learn how to lead a healthier, drug-free life. Here are several reasons why attending a centre like Sivana is essential:

  1. Structured Environment: Our facility provides a structured environment with daily routines filled with therapies, meetings, and recreational activities. This structure can reduce distractions and temptations, allowing individuals to focus solely on recovery.
  2. Professional Support: We offer round-the-clock medical and emotional support. Professionals can monitor your health, manage marijuana withdrawal symptoms, and immediately provide help during a crisis.
  3. Peer Support: Attending inpatient rehabilitation offers a community of individuals facing similar struggles. Sharing experiences and coping strategies with others can provide valuable support and reduce feelings of isolation.
  4. Therapies and Treatments: Therapy is paramount when understanding your own drug addiction. Through different modes of therapy, our clients can begin to comprehend their personal triggers, the root cause of their addiction and how to create healthy coping mechanisms. 
  5. Learning: A detox is all well and good; however, without the proper education on how to stop using marijuana, those who have addictive tendencies may find themselves relapsing and ending up right back where they started. Treatment programs provide drug and alcohol education and prevention strategies that give our patients the tools to combat their cravings effectively.

Attending Sivana Bali Rehab offers the best chance for lasting recovery. With our team of dedicated professionals, we provide a comprehensive, holistic approach to marijuana addiction treatment, helping individuals rebuild their lives in a supportive, caring environment.

Get in touch today and rediscover the world without an addiction to marijuana.

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