Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Leicester

Leicester in Leicestershire is a city in England that’s home to a little more than 373,000 people. 

Unfortunately, many of those people struggle with substance use disorder (SUD). Because of this, many people will need to find rehab in Leicester. But, an alternative approach could be going to a facility in a foreign country such as Bali.

At Sivana Bali, we work to help those who have been affected by substance use disorder, mental health concerns, and process addictions. We do so in a luxurious villa located in a tropical paradise.

How Do I Know I Need Drug and Alcohol Rehab?

It can be difficult for a person to acknowledge their drug and alcohol misuse. Even if they do, those affected with drug or alcohol addiction may still find that admitting they need help can be difficult.

Recognising the need for rehab can be a profound realisation that often comes with telltale signs. One significant indicator is if you lose control over your substance use despite repeated attempts to cut back or quit. 

This lack of control can lead to various health issues, both physical and mental, such as withdrawal symptoms, deteriorating mental health, or chronic health problems.

Another red flag is strained relationships with loved ones, which can be signified by conflicts, arguments, or isolation from friends and family.

Declining performance in work, school, or other areas of life due to preoccupation with substance use or addictive behaviours is also a common signal that you’re struggling with addiction and need to seek rehab services.

Financial difficulties, legal problems, and engaging in risky behaviour under the influence further underscore the need for drug and alcohol addiction treatment.

Financial difficulties, legal problems, and engaging in risky behaviour under the influence further underscore the need for drug and alcohol addiction treatment.

Persistent cravings, obsessive thoughts, and a loss of interest in previously enjoyable activities may also indicate a psychological dependence that requires specialised treatment found in inpatient rehab.

How Do I Know I Need Drug and Alcohol Rehab?
The Need for Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Leicester

The Need for Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Leicester

The impact of this surge is profound. Not only does it contribute to a rise in crime, but many will feel the physical and mental effects of substance abuse, leading to a similar surge in seeking medical services, which can overwhelm the NHS.

On a personal level, drug and alcohol addiction can be devastating. People can find themselves isolated, alone, and in dire financial straits due to alcohol and drug addiction.

There are also physical consequences to consider, as long-term drug or alcohol use can have a multitude of physical consequences depending on what substances are being taken.

While there are many people affected by drug and alcohol consumption, long-term recovery is possible with the right rehabilitation and recovery programmes.

Alcohol and Drug Rehab in Leicester

Because there are numerous people in Leicester who need addiction treatment, the city has a number of drug and alcohol rehab centres. Some of the alcohol and drug rehab clinics in Leicester include:c

Dear Albert

Dear Albert

Located on the Stairway Project, this addiction treatment centre works to provide support for those struggling with drug or alcohol misuse. They also work to support those who have already achieved sobriety.

The Stairway Project, 68 Humberstone Gate, Leicester

Turning Point Leicester

Turning Point Leicester

This social enterprise has been delivering health and support services for substance use, mental health, and other concerns for over 60 years. They have over 280 locations across the United Kingdom.

38 Friar Ln, Leicester

Steps Together Rehab

Steps Together Rehab

Found in the village of Arnesby in South Leicestershire, they provide support to those struggling with addiction, stress, and anxiety. They provide inpatient residential rehab and outpatient programmes to support those impacted by addiction.

The Chestnuts, St Peter’s Rd, Arnesby, Leicester 

Star Light Centre

Star Light Centre

This centre works to support those struggling with addiction by recommending treatment centres in the UK that are best suited to the diverse budgets of those struggling with substance use.

71 Narrow Ln, Aylestone, Leicester

Why Come to Our Centre in Bali For Addiction Treatment

While the local drug and alcohol treatment options in Leicester can undoubtedly help many people affected by alcohol and drug addiction, there are still several things our rehab offers that seeking addiction treatment in Leicester may not. Some of the benefits of our centre in Bali include:


World-Class Amenities

Our private rehab facility is appointed more akin to a resort than a medical facility. The villa is surrounded by rice paddies and dotted with tropical gardens. Each one of our rooms is appointed with ensuite bathrooms and the linens are changed daily by our staff. For those who need more time, we provide extended rehab options.

Reconnecting With the Natural World

Reconnecting with nature can aid in substance abuse recovery by providing a therapeutic environment that reduces stress, anxiety, and depression. Spending time outdoors promotes physical activity, mindfulness, and a sense of calm.

The Security of Distance

Despite the fact that it is a disease that can be caused by factors beyond individual control, there is still a stigma around addiction. Because of this, many people are not keen on letting their communities know that they are seeking addiction treatment. Coming to Bali safeguards their privacy in a way that seeking services based in Leicester cannot.

Unfamiliar Circumstances

The distance does more than protect a patient’s privacy. Our rehab programme also takes someone out of their environment. On the surface, this may seem like a negative and while homesickness can be a concern, the new surroundings can also be positive.

Putting someone in new surroundings takes them away from their triggers and enablers. This allows them to focus wholly on their path to recovery.

Spiritual Healing

Our rehab offers a complete path to wellness and recovery, incorporating elements such as nutrition, fitness, mindfulness practices, and outdoor activities into our programme. This comprehensive approach promotes overall well-being and long-term recovery.

Personalised Care

In Bali, we know that every person who comes to us for help has their own story that’s filled with unique struggles and nuances. Because of this, every one of our treatment plans is personalised to each person so that they get the help that they need in the way that they’ll be most responsive to.

How To Get to Our Residential Rehab Centre in Bali

To get to Bali from Leicester, the closest international airport is East Midlands Airport. There are several ways to get to EMA. They include:

By Car: From Leicester, you can take the A50 towards Derby and Nottingham, which eventually connects to the M1. This is the most direct route to the airport.

By Bus: The Skylink service operated by Kinchbus provides regular bus connections between Leicester and East Midlands Airport. You can start at St. Margaret’s Bus Station.

By Train: Take a train from Leicester Train Station to East Midlands Parkway. Once you arrive, you can take a taxi or bus straight to the airport.

What To Expect After Time in a Treatment Centre

A rehab treatment programme will include medically supervised drug detox and address substance use and mental health issues using tools like Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). However, treatment does not end when someone completes inpatient treatment. 

While some people can check into a residential treatment centre, go through treatment, and come out sober for the rest of their lives, most people will continue to struggle with their sobriety. 

Rehab works to get someone sober and give them the skills to stay that way, but patients will still need to continue to use those skills in the outside world.

Our aftercare programme helps people stay on track with a Monitored Relapse Prevention schedule. Patients who stay with us can also rebuild their lives with our Organisational Psychologist, who provides career guidance and vocational counselling.

Beyond our aftercare programme, there are also drug and alcohol support groups in Leicester to help people who complete detox and rehab.

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