Rehab Bristol

Rehab Bristol

From the streets of Bristol to diverse corners over the globe, those coping with addiction have discovered optimism, rehabilitation, and strength under our care.

We pride ourselves on offering a blend of groundbreaking therapies and a tranquil retreat, ensuring every individual from Bristol and beyond experiences a profound and lasting transformation.

Nestled in a tropical paradise, Sivana Bali isn’t just an ordinary rehabilitation facility – it’s a holistic journey that leads to new beginnings.

Can Drug and Alcohol Addiction Be Overcome?

It’s common to feel hopeless and alone when struggling with alcohol and drug addiction. Many addicts find that their relationships become strained as their addiction progresses. Many can lose hope that they’ll ever be able to overcome their addictions.

However, drug or alcohol addiction can be overcome with the right support, treatment, and dedication. Overcoming addiction often involves a combination of medical intervention, therapy, support groups, lifestyle changes, and ongoing commitment to recovery. Seeking professional help from healthcare providers, addiction specialists, counsellors, or support groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous can provide valuable resources and guidance.

Treatment programmes may include detoxification, outpatient treatment, behavioural therapies, medication-assisted treatment, and holistic approaches to address the physical, psychological, and social aspects of addiction. 

Many individuals have successfully achieved sobriety and rebuilt their lives through comprehensive addiction recovery and ongoing support.

Can Drug and Alcohol Addiction Be Overcome?
Drug and Alcohol Concerns in Bristol

Drug and Alcohol Concerns in Bristol

Central to this escalating crisis are the people trapped in the struggles of dependency. This pattern of dependence, whether on alcohol or drugs, often spirals into physical and mental health concerns. This drug and alcohol misuse led to a surge in health conditions.

As the city mirrors these overarching UK patterns, the urgency to recognise and actively battle alcohol and drug addiction in Bristol cannot be emphasised enough.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Bristol

Given the considerable need for addiction treatment services in Bristol, it should come as no surprise that there are a number of rehab services in the city that residents can turn to for drug and alcohol addiction treatment. Some of the drug and alcohol rehab centres in Bristol include:

Pathways Bristol - Drug & Alcohol Rehab Bristol

Pathways Bristol – Drug & Alcohol Rehab Bristol

Located in Orchard Street Business Centre, this clinic offers intensive therapy and counselling programmes allowing patients to participate in their treatment. Their approach to therapy is based on a clinical, emotional, and spiritual perspective.

Floor 0, Business Centre, 13-14 Orchard St

Gladstones Clinic Bristol

Gladstones Clinic Bristol

Nestled on St. Paul’s Road in Clifton, this clinic has been committed to helping people reclaim their lives from addiction for over two decades. They understand that each patient and their path to recovery is unique.

48 St St Paul’s Rd, Clifton

Ara Recovery For All

Ara Recovery For All

Found on King’s Court, this charity has been in operation for decades and has provided counselling, housing support, education, training, and career guidance to promote recovery and healthier living for thousands of people.

Kings Court, 11 King St

Developing Health & Independence (DHI)

Developing Health & Independence (DHI)

Located in Brunswick Court, they provide a variety of services to disadvantaged people. Their services are rooted in the communities that they work in. Among the services they offer is alcohol and drug treatment for adults.

Brunswick Court, Brunswick Square, St Paul’s,

Why Consider Bali Over Local Treatment Options?

Recovery is as much about the setting as it concerns the treatment. Even though the Bristol area has a number of viable rehab options, Bali’s peaceful surroundings provide a rejuvenating touch to the recovery experience. Some of the reasons to come to Bali for rehab treatment include:

Cost-Effective, Outstanding Care

The cost of rehab in Bristol might be untenable for some. Bali, however, presents a competitively priced solution without having to stint on the quality of care or the luxuries offered. Even when the cost of airfare is taken into account, coming to Bali can still present the more cost-effective options.

Distance Brings Privacy

Safeguarding one’s privacy during rehabilitation can be challenging when seeking treatment in your community. With its remote environment, Bali offers a very discreet backdrop, a long way from prying eyes, for people to recover at their own pace and without the worry of their private business becoming fodder for conversation.

The Charm of Balinese Recovery

Residential rehabs in Bristol might provide state-of-the-art treatments. But in Bali, we use age-old Balinese healing traditions, giving patients an exceptional, holistic rehabilitation experience in addition to clinical, evidence-based treatments. This allows us to comprehensively address a patient’s concerns and promote complete wellness.

Tropical Tranquillity

The often gloomy skies of Bristol stand in contrast to Bali’s year-round warmth and soothing sea breezes. This tranquil setting can uplift spirits, which is vital in the recovery journey.

Experience Luxury in Rehabilitation

Unlike many rehab clinics in Bristol, Bali promises luxury during treatment, making our rehabilitation centre feel like a resort.  Our facility is surrounded by serene rice paddies and dotted with lush gardens, making it look more like a resort than a medical facility.

Wide-ranging Holistic Treatment Methods

From beachfront meditation sessions to conventional Balinese healing ceremonies, our recovery programme is an expedition of the body, mind, and soul.

Selecting our addiction rehab centre in Bali over one in Bristol for your recovery isn’t just shifting locations, it’s choosing a transformative healing experience situated in the lap of luxury and Balinese traditions.

Pros and Cons of Residential Rehab Treatment

An inpatient addiction treatment programme can be beneficial to many people struggling with substance use disorder. That does not mean that it is without its flaws. One of the pros is that being in a treatment facility means having supervision and support from medical professionals. This ensures a safe environment, especially during detoxification.

This environment also gives you access to a multidisciplinary team of healthcare providers, counsellors, and therapists to provide treatment.

There are downsides to inpatient treatment. Being in a residential facility means being away from family, friends, and familiar environments, which can lead to feelings of isolation or homesickness. 

While feelings of homesickness and isolation are valid, this can be reframed into a positive as being in a residential facility means being isolated from triggers and enablers.

It can also be hard to transition back to ‘normal’ life after inpatient treatment, and it requires careful planning and resources for ongoing support.

How To Get to Our Private Rehab Centre from Bristol

To get to Bali from Bristol, you’ll need to head to Bristol Airport, an international airport that used to be an RAF airfield. Some of the options to get to the airport from Bristol include:

  • By Car: Take the A38 road south from Bristol city centre. Follow the signs for Bristol Airport. There are clear directions along the A38 and onto the A37. You should be able to find the entrance once you see the well-posted airport sign.
  • By Train and/or Bus: Catch a train to Bristol Temple Meads station. Once there, you can catch the Airport Flyer Express A1 or A2 from the nearby Bristol Bus and Coach Station. You can purchase your tickets online, from a ticketing machine, or from the driver. Alternatively, you can take a train to Bristol Parkway station and then catch the Airport Flyer Express A4.

What To Expect in Our Addiction Treatment Centre

When most people picture a residential treatment facility, many will undoubtedly picture a sterile building akin to a hospital. However, our villa in Bali stands in direct contrast to this notion.

Each the rooms in our private treatment facility comes with an ensuite bathroom and the linens are changed daily. Our onsite chefs use only the highest quality ingredients from the land and sea to craft nutritious and mouth-watering meals that can be adjusted based on your dietary needs and preferences.

At Sivana Bali, we’ve sculpted a private rehab facility where every individual facing drug addiction is met with expertise and individualised treatment plans. We identify each person’s unique intricacies and design a treatment plan that best fits their experience. 

Our treatment starts with a thorough assessment, which our team uses to determine each patient’s needs. We also have Dual Diagnosis treatment that is meant to address mental health challenges as many addicts often turn to substances to cope with their symptoms.

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