Alcohol And Drug Services For Better Health

Alcohol And Drug Services For Better Health

Alcohol and drug substance abuse is increasing at an alarming rate on a global scale, putting enormous pressure on healthcare providers, clinics, and hospitals almost to a point of saturation due to the short supply of medical professionals which is making waiting times and admissions much longer due to the overwhelming demand to find appropriate drug and alcohol treatment services.

Alcohol and drug substance addiction is a severe condition and if left untreated there are elevated risks of the disorder becoming life-threatening or leading to fatality. Seeking the correct help at the right time can be despairing for many people when they don’t know where to turn or are refused immediate treatment as a result of overcapacity or insufficient medical supervision.

Although there are no guaranteed solutions or quick-fix methods of finding immediate attention to address substance abuse, in this blog, we will look at the options available and why more people are resolving their alcohol and other drug use issues in other locations where specialist services are available.

The Purpose Of Seeking Specialist Services For Alcohol And Drug Misuse

Alcohol and other drug treatment is fundamental for anyone struggling with addiction to overcome their challenges and find a way to recovery.

As soon as someone develops a dependence on an addictive substance, it is hardly likely they will be able to stop their habit on their own due to the devastating impact these drugs have on physical and mental health.

Friends and family members are nearly always burdened with the pain and worry caused by the terrible impact this disorder has on the welfare of the people who need help and find themselves caught up in sourcing treatment options without properly understanding the purpose of the range of services that are available.

First and foremost, severe addiction requires detoxification from the substance in question. This process eliminates all traces of the drug from the body to cleanse the system completely, after which time, a specific treatment programme will be followed over a period of time to continue with the rehabilitation from addiction and set the path to recovery.

It must be remembered that during the first stage of detox, several unpleasant withdrawal symptoms can manifest and depending on the severity, may prove life-threatening.

This process should be carried out by a specialised medical team to ensure the safety of the individual and who can readily intervene should symptoms worsen.

The principal purpose of seeking specialised treatment is to provide a safe and secure environment where the patient can receive medical care as and when required and to ensure the detox process is successful without any complications.

An Overview Of Drug And Alcohol Rehabilitation

A person subject to severe alcohol or drug substance misuse will need to detox. As previously mentioned, this procedure is generally carried out at a residential rehab centre where the individual has been admitted as an inpatient.

Detox may take anything between 7 to 14 days depending on the severity of the disorder and supervised by professional clinicians. You should be aware that each substance being treated brings its unique characteristics of withdrawal symptoms and complexities and each person may react differently to different treatments.

For this reason, residential rehab centres provide comprehensive drug treatment services that are designed specifically around the individual’s needs and requirements.

These personalised treatment programmes create the perfect tool to assist with defeating the addiction and consist of evidence-based treatments including a holistic approach and a spectrum of therapies for continued support.

Every patient must be given the best support to enable them to discover their inner selves, have self-awareness and reconnect to having a healthier lifestyle through dedicated care during rehab as well as ongoing aftercare well after rehab has finished.

Rehabilitation centres focus on recovery and prevention of relapse and promote health awareness activities with the object of restoring wellness and long-lasting sobriety.

Alternative Options For Alcohol And Other Drug Treatment

If you are having difficulty finding suitable alcohol and drug treatment in your area, you may need to look further afield but are probably thinking about the high price tag that goes with it. Private residential treatment is not going to come cheap, regardless of location, although you may be pleasantly surprised when comparing costs with those at home.

Sivana Bali is a luxury residential rehab centre located on the beautiful island of Bali, Indonesia. We have a five-star facility with exceptional services and amenities for our guests.

Our highly qualified team of medical specialists are on hand to supervise and intervene with our medically managed detox treatment if deemed necessary and will monitor any signs of complication during round-the-clock observation.

We can provide treatment for a wide spectrum of disorders including:

Here at Sivana Bali, we offer our patients our residential treatment, which is structured with a balance of therapeutic activities to promote overall well-being, personal growth, and recovery.

We use each day to mark the success of your journey as you start a new chapter in your life and allow you the time to engage, reflect and heal at your own pace.

Although you may think we are miles away and expect exorbitant prices, many people are turning to us for treatment as even after including airfares, our top-class services are proving cost-effective and affordable for many compared to other places that are in high demand, with reduced patient intake and are expensively inaccessible for most.

If you or a loved one needs help with alcohol or drug substance misuse and are not sure who to turn to, why don’t you give us a call without obligation? Our friendly staff will be pleased to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have and can facilitate all the information you may need.

You shouldn’t have to worry on your own and by making that first call you are one step nearer to helping someone you love.

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