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Sivana Bali is a treatment facility located in Bali. In our resort-like facility, we offer world-class treatment for a variety of substance addictions and co-occurring mental health issues, as well as process addictions like gaming addiction, sex addiction, shopping addiction, and gambling addiction.

Why People Across Australia Need Help With Gambling Addiction

Australia, formerly New Holland, is the largest country in Oceania. It’s also famously a former penal colony of Britain, and many Aussies are descended from British prisoners. In total, the country has a population of roughly 27 million people.

Of those 27 million people, a fair amount like to gamble. Some surveys indicate that roughly 73% of Aussies gambled in 2022. The most common form of gambling was lottery tickets, followed by race betting, sports betting, and poker machines or poker. The Australian Institute of Family Studies estimates that just under half (46%) of all habitual gamblers are at risk for gambling harm.

Roughly 38% of all Australians reported that they gambled weekly, though it differs greatly by gender, with 48% of men reporting weekly gambling as opposed to 28% of women. Men are also likely to be more diverse in their gambling habits as well as spend more money, putting them at far greater risk for gambling harm. 

The Drug and Alcohol Addiction Issue in Brisbane

Treatment Options in Australia For Those Affected By Gambling

Treatment options for gambling can vary by state, but there are numerous treatment options that Australians can turn to to find support. Some of these treatment options include:



New South Wales (NSW) has been called Australia’s gambling capital, and the NSW government recognises that gambling is an issue and seeks to reduce gambling harm. GambleAware is a free and confidential support service that offers counselling 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They can be reached at the number 1800 858 858.

Mental Health

Gambling Help Online

Gambling Help Online is a website that offers free and confidential support for Australians who are affected by gambling. They offer support via live chat, email, and SMS messaging.

Holistic Therapy

South Pacific Private

South Pacific Private has been in operation for over 30 years. Located in Curl Curl in NSW, they offer treatment for a wide range of addictions, including gambling.

Why Are Australians Coming to Bali for Gambling Help?

While the treatment options in Australia are compelling in their own right, there are still many reasons that coming to Bali can be the better option. Some of these reasons include:

Alcohol Addiction


There are many reasons as to why someone would keep a gambling problem private. For one, they can lose face in the community as addiction of any sort might be seen as a moral failure. Another reason is that a problem with gambling might be seen as a liability in the workplace and cost them opportunities in their career.

Bali is more than 2700 kilometres away from Australia, which means more than 2700 kilometres of distance between a recovering individual and prying eyes. We also hold ourselves to the highest standards of privacy so our guest can rest easy knowing that their information will remain confidential.

Natural Beauty

People from all around the world come to Bali for its natural beauty, which is most evident in its stunning beaches and lush forests. But more than being the foundation of the local tourism industry, this natural beauty is a tool for healing as it allows recovering individuals to reconnect with nature. We are aware of the effect that this reconnection with nature can have on a person’s recovery, and our facility is close to two beaches.

Opioid Addiction
Heroin Addiction

Cost Efficiency

It may not seem like it initially, but coming to Bali can be more cost-effective than seeking local gambling support. When you consider our high standard of care, our luxurious facility, our rates, and the cost of airfare, we can present a compelling value proposition.

Luxury Amenities

The image of a recovery centre likely brings to mind images of a sterile, clinical setting. This is not the case with us in Bali. We provide our guests with a safe, structure environment without sacrificing comfort. Our facility is more akin to a resort than a hospital and it is surrounded by serene rice paddies, dotted with tropical gardens, and equipped with two pools.

Each of our nine guests will be provided with a private room equipped with its own ensuite bathroom. We also help our guests stay in touch with their families and keep up to date with their professional obligations by providing them with a full range of business and communication resources.

But beyond luxury, our inpatient treatment offers guests a safe, immersive space where they are free from outside temptation and safe from external triggers.

How We’ll Treat Your Gambling Addiction

We understand that tackling a gambling addiction can be a difficult process. As such, we employ evidence-based modalities and personalised treatment to address an individual’s compulsive gambling. Here’s an overview of what our program entails:

Individual Counselling

Individual counselling is an important facet of our treatment for gambling addiction. In individual counselling, our guests will work with counsellors to delve into the root of their addiction as well as develop healthy coping mechanisms so they can manage their triggers and temptations without relapsing.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) is central to our approach when tackling gambling addiction. CBT is a modality that is focused on identifying, addressing, and changing the patterns of thought that lead to negative emotions and harmful behaviour, including the urge to gamble.

Cocaine Addiction

Group Therapy

Group therapy is a crucial component of our treatment. It provides our guests with a safe space to share their insights and experiences regarding addiction and recovery. They can also build connections that can become invaluable sources of support.

Substance Abuse Treatment

We find that many individuals who have a gambling addiction also have a substance abuse disorder as well. As such, we integrate therapies and interventions to address substance addiction, as the two problems can often worsen each other. By addressing substance addiction as a gambling problem, we can lay a foundation for comprehensive recovery.

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