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What is Responsible Gambling?

There is uncertainty in life. While most people can generally predict what’s going to happen, those predictions are educated guesses at best. However, that uncertainty can be thrilling.  It’s why people gamble. They put money down on a sports team or buy a lotto ticket. They don’t know if they’re going to win, but the …

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Ice Withdrawal Stages

Crystal methamphetamine, commonly known as ice, is a highly potent stimulant known for its powerful effects on the central nervous system. Ice significantly alters the brain’s chemistry, rapidly increasing dopamine levels, which enhance mood and body movement. It’s this intense ‘high’ that can lead to the drug’s misuse, making ice one of the most addictive …

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Ice Addiction Help for Families

Facing the challenges of ice addiction within a family can be heart-wrenching. With 1 in 75 people reported to have used methamphetamine in the past year and a significant portion of these users turning to ice, the most potent form of methamphetamine, families, and communities are increasingly feeling the impact. Despite the decline in overall …

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