International Drug Rehabs

Hong Kong – Sivana Rehab is equipped to help any residents of or visitors to Hong Kong that are in need of assistance with a drug dependency.

Singapore – With the flight to Bali from Singapore being so short, Sivana Rehab is the perfect location for anyone from Singapore that needs help with drug abuse issues.

Thailand – Thailand is a very popular location for people seeking substance abuse help. Sivana Rehab in Bali offers a great alternative to Thailand especially for Australian residents given the closer geographical location to Australia.

Kuala Lumpur – At Sivana we help people with many types of drug dependencies including treatment for Ice Addiction as well as those seeking rehabilitation from alcohol abuse.

Shanghai – Sivana Rehab offers an affordable, safe and fully supervised drug and alcohol rehab program with comprehensive medical support for residents of Shanghai that require assistance with drug problems.

Beijing – At Sivana we combine a balance of Western and Eastern medical traditions centred on healing the entire whole being in order to acheive wellness overall.