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Sivana Bali is a treatment centre located in Canggu. In our facility, we offer world-class treatment for substance addiction, mental health disorders, and process addictions such as addictions to sex, gaming, shopping, and gambling. 

Why Sydney Residents Need Help With Gambling Addiction

Sydney is NSW’s capital and the most populous city in the state and Australia as a whole, with a population of roughly 5.3 million people. When people think of Australia, images of the world-renowned Sydney Opera House undoubtedly come to mind. Sydney is a global city, and more than 40% of the city’s populace was born overseas.

But, it also has a major gambling problem. According to the 2019 NSW Gambling Survey, more than half of all NSW adults gamble, with 6.34% of gamblers reporting some level of gambling harm. While buying lottery tickets is the most common form of gambling in NSW, electronic poker machines have become prominent in recent years, with some reports suggesting that gamblers are losing 7 billion dollars annually. NSW is recognised as Australia’s gambling capital, with its per capita expenditure of 1508 dollars being the highest in the country.

Gambling Addiction Treatment in Sydney

Given the significant number of individuals in Sydney who are undoubtedly grappling with the challenges of gambling addiction, it’s deeply concerning that the Greater Sydney area is facing a scarcity of accessible treatment options.

This gap in resources means that many residents are left without the necessary support to navigate their way through the complexities of problem gambling. It’s imperative that we acknowledge and address this issue, ensuring that those affected have access to a comprehensive range of support services to assist them in their journey towards recovery.

However, there are some local resources Sydney residents can benefit from, detailed below:



The government of NSW recognises that many of its citizens are problem gamblers and need help addressing their addiction. GambleAware is a free and confidential service that provides support and counselling to gamblers and their families. The program can be reached at 1800 858 858.

Mental Health

The Cabin Sydney

Found on Ocean Street in Edgecliff, this facility provides treatment for a variety of addictions, including drugs, alcohol, and gambling.

While there are some resources for assistance in the area, it’s important to recognise that private, effective help often comes with a high price tag, rendering it unattainable for many due to the steep costs associated with such services in Australia. This financial barrier can prevent individuals from accessing the support they desperately need, highlighting a significant gap in the availability of affordable treatment options for those struggling with gambling addiction.

Holistic Therapy

South Pacific Private

This private hospital is situated in Curl Curl and has offered treatment for trauma, mental, and addictions for more than 30 years.

Why Sydney Residents Are Flying Out To Bali for Treatment

Despite the availability of local treatment options in Sydney, an increasing number of residents are discovering the profound benefits of seeking treatment in Bali. Our centre offers a unique blend of therapeutic recovery and serene luxury, making it an ideal choice for those looking to overcome gambling addiction in a tranquil and supportive environment. Here’s why our Bali treatment centre stands out:

Alcohol Addiction

Luxury Amenities That Redefine Recovery

Forget the clinical, impersonal feel of traditional treatment centres. Our Bali facility is a sanctuary of healing that mirrors the comfort and beauty of a high-end resort. Nestled amidst lush gardens and surrounded by picturesque rice paddies, our centre is a stone’s throw away from tranquil beaches, offering a peaceful retreat for recovery.

With a cap of 9 guests at any one time, we ensure personalised care and attention. Each guest enjoys the privacy of a luxurious room with an ensuite bathroom, alongside access to comprehensive communication and business tools, allowing you to maintain connections with loved ones and work commitments seamlessly.

Unparalleled Confidentiality

In a city as diverse as Sydney, the stigma surrounding addiction can deter individuals from seeking the help they need. Our Bali centre offers a discreet alternative, placing over 2700 kilometres between you and any potential judgement or breach of privacy. We uphold the strictest confidentiality standards, ensuring your journey to recovery remains a personal and private experience.

Opioid Addiction
Heroin Addiction

Exceptional Value and Cost Efficiency

The financial strain of gambling addiction makes cost-effective treatment a priority. Our Bali centre not only offers competitive rates but also provides exceptional value through our world-class amenities and the highest standard of care. When considering the cost of airfare alongside the quality of treatment and living standards we offer, our centre presents an unmatched value proposition for those seeking effective recovery without compromising on quality or comfort.

A Healing Environment Like No Other

In place of the natural beauty section, let’s focus on the transformative power of our environment. Bali is not just a tourist destination; it’s a haven of tranquillity and spiritual healing. Our centre leverages this serene backdrop to foster a deep connection with oneself, away from the distractions and pressures of everyday life. The peaceful surroundings, combined with our holistic approach to recovery, offer a unique opportunity to heal both body and mind.

How We Treat Gambling Addiction in Bali

We are fully aware that struggling with a gambling addiction can be a difficult experience. Please know that we are here to help. Allow us to provide you with an overview of how we approach the intricacies of compulsive gambling and assist you in overcoming this burden.

Group Therapy

An important part of our treatment is group therapy. In group therapy, guests can share insights about their struggles and experiences dealing with addiction. Our guests can also make connections with each other, and these connections can form a support system that will be invaluable to a person’s recovery.

Cocaine Addiction

Substance Abuse Treatment

It’s often the case that gamblers also have a substance abuse disorder. Sometimes, it’s because their gambling addiction has made them anxious and depressed, and they turn to drugs or alcohol to cope. We integrate treatments and therapies for substance abuse disorders into a patient’s personalised treatment plan to address all their addictions, laying the groundwork for lasting recovery.

Individual Counselling

Individual counselling is one of the most important parts of our treatment. This is where our patients and counsellors will work closely together to get to the root of addiction as well as develop healthy coping mechanisms so recovering addicts can manage their urge to gamble without relapsing.

A central tool in addressing gambling addiction is Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). This type of therapy is concerned with identifying, addressing, and changing the thought patterns that lead to negative emotions and self-destructive behaviours such as gambling.

Cocaine Addiction

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