A Guide for Politely Saying No To Alcohol

Have you ever been in a situation where you got caught up in a boozy event when you only wanted a quiet night in with a good book and a cup of cocoa? For many, saying no to alcohol is a harder task than anticipated and nearly always boils down to peer pressure or during social events. Still, there are some easy ways to reduce the temptation when someone offers you a drink.

In this blog, we will look at different ways to refuse alcohol, knowing you’re not going to be considered by others as a spoilsport. You can use these refusal skills over and over again to help you cut back on alcohol consumption.

Reasons For Not Drinking Alcohol

Sometimes, our alcohol use becomes a concern with drinking habits getting out of control, and remaining sober and alcohol-free feels like it doesn’t happen very often when it should, but it is too easy to have a drink in social situations, and generally, one drink leads to another drink when we don’t want one. 

One of the main reasons for not drinking alcohol is due to health and well-being, when someone feels the amount of alcohol consumed is doing them no good, and decides to abstain or at least cut down. Other reasons may be due to responsibilities and don’t want the effects of alcohol to interfere with their lifestyle. However, if you tend to drink a lot of alcohol and are easily tempted to want a drink, you may find it difficult to find ways to turn down a drink and say no.

There are many situations when you are likely to be offered a drink, but learning how to politely turn down alcohol can help you avoid becoming a heavy drinker and lead you away from alcohol addiction.

Avoid The Pressure To Drink

Social pressure to drink alcohol is increasing due to social settings such as bars, clubs, or concerts where alcohol is available and where one feels obliged to consume the substance even though they may not want to. People under 18 find alcohol a fascination and want to discover the effects it has, although it is illegal to drink underage. Adolescents often experiment with alcohol seeking different tastes and strengths and pushing their bodies to the limit to achieve diverse reactions in the body and mind, while others may just drink to be on par with other people who drink. 

On many occasions, people can pressure you to drink because they don’t want to drink alone or think that drinking collectively is more fun and at times, they can become quite forceful to ensure you’re drinking even when you don’t feel like it and they won’t take no for an answer.

However, it is important to say no to a drink when you don’t want one, and this can be done without offending anyone by adopting different ways to politely refuse, which should generally be acceptable.

Different Ways To Say No To Alcohol

It doesn’t have to be complicated to refuse a drink; you just need to have your excuses ready and use them whenever you feel pressured to have a drink. The next time you are out with friends or loved ones who may influence you into drinking, try using some of the following techniques to talk your way out.

  • Responsible Driver: Perhaps the most acceptable excuse for not drinking alcohol is if you need to drive. Not only is it illegal but extremely dangerous, so most people will respect your decision not to drink, although you may end up taking everyone home if you’re the designated driver.
  • Taking Medication: Another tactic for not drinking is that you are taking medication that is incompatible with alcohol and may cause adverse reactions. You may hear someone typically say that only one drink won’t hurt but you can be adamant that you are not prepared to take the risk.
  • You Have No Money: This is a common excuse, and more than likely, there will be someone to offer to buy you a drink. You should stand by your excuse and not allow anyone to buy alcohol for you but consider an alcohol-free beverage as a cheaper option should they persist.
  • Early Start:  An excuse like starting work early tomorrow morning is also feasible as many alcohol drinkers are extremely aware of what it’s like getting up early with a hangover and feeling they won’t get through the day so this excuse is useful even if you’re not working.
  • Counting Calories: To say you are on a diet and cutting out alcohol as part of your calorie count may fall on deaf ears, as many people won’t care about you wanting to lose weight. However, like medication, you need to insist that any alcohol will interfere with your goals and you prefer to go without.
  • Change The Subject: You may find that changing the subject and talking about something interesting may take the focus off not consuming alcohol. You can even politely interrupt and move the conversation on to another topic.
  • Pretend: If your excuses seem feeble or you find a person offering a drink too persuasive, you can try to pretend you are drinking alcohol and hope they stop pressurising you. There are plenty of mocktails that simulate alcoholic cocktails or fizzy drinks that may look like sparkling wine. Nobody should be suspicious and you can always let the server know in advance only to provide that particular drink for you regardless of what others may request.

Of course, there are many excuses or white lies that one can use to get out of drinking, but generally, the best approach is to be honest and straight about your reasons for not partaking in alcohol consumption. After the initial disappointment of not joining in, you will find the majority of people will respect your choice and leave you alone.

When you want to quit drinking or make a decision to cut back, there are plenty of alcohol-free beverages available, including beers and spirits. There is no reason for you not to go out and socialise with your friends or stop off at a bar on your way home after work and you can still enjoy good times over a mocktail or non-alcoholic drink without having to experience the effects of alcohol. So, the next time you’re at a party where you’re likely to be offered a drink, you should use these simple ways to say no.

Staying Sober And Alcohol-Free

Many consumers of alcohol think their drinking habits are controlled and have no concern about how much or how often they drink, but when consumption develops into a habit, it becomes excessive and alcohol abuse can quickly lead to alcohol use disorder, making it extremely difficult for the victim to stay sober and alcohol-free. This disorder worsens if left untreated and can have serious consequences to health and may even lead to fatality.

It is crucial for anyone who is a heavy drinker or has alcohol use disorder that they don’t attempt to stop drinking on their own or go cold turkey as this causes several unpleasant withdrawal symptoms that need to be addressed by specialised medical health providers.

At Sivana Bali, we understand the addiction to alcohol and why it’s important to get professional help, especially if you’re desperately wanting to quit the habit. We are a luxury rehab centre located on the beautiful island of Bali, Indonesia, and we provide specific treatment programmes for drug substances and alcohol addiction. Our facility offers top-class residential treatment with alcohol detox treatment to ensure every patient starts their journey to recovery in a safe environment with a dedicated team of medical professionals who will guide you through every stage of the process.

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